Always think one step ahead.

The Gemini brand learned to walk in 1985. Initially founded by Jürgen Bühler as a sole proprietorship in Stuttgart, his idea of producing comfortable, high-quality shoes at affordable prices soon met with success. In 1990, the company moved to Kirchheim/Teck and from then on traded as a GmbH.
Due to the wellness trend and growing health and leisure orientation, the market for uncomplicated and at the same time beautiful shoes is becoming ever larger. Jürgen Bühler and the team feel that the Gemini way is the right one and serve the customers’ demands with many new models, features and designs.
In 1998/1999, the capacity utilization limit in the old factory premises is reached once again. In 2000, the Gemini company moves to larger buildings in Weilheim/Teck. Here, the entire team continues to work daily to inspire people with shoes for foot health and the desire to walk.


Ideas, enthusiasm & skills

When you slip into our shoes, you feel and see it immediately. They are soft, light, durable and beautiful. Behind them are high-quality materials, modern technologies and people who use traditional craftsmanship and the latest know-how to ensure your walking pleasure.

Development, Design & Teamwork

How are our wonderfully foot-friendly shoes made? We develop all our models here in Germany. Always carefully tailored to the needs of your feet and in close cooperation with our designers and the entire development team. We love and live shoes.

Strip production is the A & O

The mouldings are manufactured by renowned German moulders according to our guidelines and standards. The last takes over the role of your feet during production and fills the shoe as a mould model. It is therefore of central importance for the later fit, perfect fit and comfort.

Production - ethics, partnership & trust as a basis

We have our products produced exclusively in selected small businesses. Trust, partnership and friendship are the basis of our cooperation. We visit all locations several times per season each year. This promotes a sense of what is feasible and an understanding of our high demands on materials, processing and flexibility in production. We act according to our guiding principle of conducting our business ethically, and we expect the same from our suppliers. We and our suppliers strive to create secure jobs, not to allow child labour, to exclude forced labour and to guarantee environmentally conscious production.